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Business Morphopsychology
Classroom course


The Course that will revolutionize your way of dealing with people!

Learn to interpret the main personality traits of the people around you very quickly. Adapt your language and non-verbal communication in order to interact adequately with your clients and employees, boosting the results of the negotiations.
The Morphopsychology knowledge is fundamental for HR professionals, as it assists in the hiring of professionals with ideal characteristics for each function. For Team Leaders, it assists in the conduction and motivation of the employees, identifying each profile and their abilities. For professionals in commercial areas, we do not even talk! Which seller would not like to know how your customer buys, whether he is more rational, emotional or impulsive? How does it make it easier to sell if you identify the key trends in your customer behavior?

For those who are: Professionals of Commercial Areas, Managers and Team Leaders, HR.


  • History of Morpho- psychology;
  • The Dilated and the Retrained and its relation with extroversion and introversion;
  • Morphology of skin tone: Tonico and atone (the active and passive being);
  • Face Frame and its modeling (Dithered, Wavy, Flat and Round): The Receptivity - Adaptability, Rigidity - Inadaptability.
  • The two sides of the Face and its asymmetries;
  • The three divisions of the face (The three facial levels);
  • The analysis of the face: Forehead, Eyes, Look, Eyebrows, Nose, Mouth, Jaw, Wrinkles, Sources and Ears.
  • Practical exercises.


Profº Rafael Benega.

Founding Member of Evolution Visagism. Graduated in Personal & Professional Coaching by the Brazilian Coaching Society. Comprehensive Body Reading by the Brazilian Body Reading Society. Visagism by the method Prof. Jailson Melo. Physiognomonia methods Prof. Fabio Pellozzo and Leandro Heck.


Students will receive a printed handout developed exclusively for the course.
Will be issued a certificate of completion of the course

November 25th and 26th

From 9 to 17 hours.

14 hours

Location: Av. Marquês de São Vicente, 1619
Brampton, ON - +1 location
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Morphopsychology for Business Course

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