Image and Visage Consulting for Brides

Image Consulting and
Visagefor Brides
Classroom course


The Course that will revolutionize your way of dealing with people!

Learn to interpret the main personality traits of the people around you very quickly. Adapt your language and non-verbal communication in order to interact adequately with your clients and employees, boosting the results of the negotiations.
The Morphopsychology knowledge is fundamental for HR professionals, as it assists in the hiring of professionals with ideal characteristics for each function. For Team Leaders, it assists in the conduction and motivation of the employees, identifying each profile and their abilities. For professionals in commercial areas, we do not even talk! Which seller would not like to know how your customer buys, whether he is more rational, emotional or impulsive? How does it make it easier to sell if you identify the key trends in your customer behavior?

For those who are: Professionals of Commercial Areas, Managers and Team Leaders, HR.


  • Concept of Visagism
Initiation to Visagism
Face Lines
Parts of Face
Neck and Shoulder
Body Measurements
  • Investigative Process
Ceremonial Style (country house, church, themed, beach)
Party and decoration
Harmony of colors in personal coloring
Harmony of prints and accessories in personal production

  • Visagism, Reading and Image Design
Types of Dress
Dress x bodily format
Dress x Cerimonia
Types of veil
Types of Gloves
Types of bouquets
Dress Suitability
  • Construction Reference Manual for Bride
Facial Map (Coloring Makeup)
Cranio-cephalic map (Application of Hairstyle)


Profª Andréa Fráguas
Consultant of Image certified by the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York and Senac-Belo Horizonte. Graduated in Dentistry from PUC-BH. With experience in New York Fashion Week in the parades of Oscar De La Renta, Marquesa, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo among others. Profile columnist We.
Prof. Jailson Melo
Visagist formed by Philip Hallawel, Visagism and Capillary Therapy University Anhembi Morumbi, Visagism - International Method Visagisme Total Look by Claude Juillard and Post-graduate in Teaching of Teaching by UNICID
Days 04 and 05 March 2018

From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Load Time 16 hours

Students will receive a printed handout developed exclusively for the course.

Location: Av. Marquês de São Vicente, 1619
Brampton, ON - +1 location

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Image Consulting and Visagism course for brides

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