Visagism Personal Image Harmonization

Visagism Personal Image Harmonization
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The Visagism Course - Harmonization of Personal Image addresses methods of composition of visual language (forms, lines and colors) and fundamentals of fashion styles for the harmonization of personal image. Basic concepts of human behavior, personality, client needs, emotional impact of the image and understanding of human anatomy. It relates the terms of visual composition, their implications and influences.

The objective is to provide you with the competence to read through the lines, shapes colors the client's current personal image, encompassing their professional and personal experiences, thus using visagism techniques as an instrument for harmonizing and adapting the image, always respecting a sense of identity that the customer already owns.

For whom is the Course: Hairdressers (as); Makeup artists;Image and Style Consultants;Eyebrow & Micropigmenters Designer


  • The Visagism
History of visagism
Composition elements of the Image
  • Facial Analysis
Face format
Eyebrow Geometry
Micro expressions
  • Creative process
Theory of color construction
Chromatic circle
Color classification (Primary - Secondary - Tertiary)
Chromatic Harmony (Complementary - Complementary Divided - Analogue - Tetrad - Triad)
  • Hair
Composition, shape and color
Shape Balancing - Cutting - Hairstyle
Color balance
  • Make up
Composition, shape and color
Balance of form
Color balance
  • Clothing & Accessories
Composition, shape and color
  • Visage Dossier
Adequacy of Personal Image.
Consulting - Style and behavior
Visual Identity Building - balancing shapes: harmony between hairstyle, makeup and silhouette.
Experience - Adequacy of Personal Image.
  • Course Completion Project
Customer service and elaboration of Visagism Dossier - Personal Image Harmonization


Course Coordinator: Prof. Jailson Melo
Visagist formed by Philip Hallawel, Visagism and Capillary Therapy University Anhembi Morumbi, Visagism - International Method Visagisme Total Look by Claude Juillard and Post-graduate in Teaching of Teaching by UNICID
Prof. Rafael Benega
Founding Member of Evolution Visagism. Graduated in Personal & Professional Coaching by the Brazilian Coaching Society. Comprehensive Body Reading by the Brazilian Body Reading Society. Visagism by the method Prof. Jailson Melo. Physiognomonia methods Prof. Fabio Pellozzo and Leandro Heck.
Prof. Tatiana Taurisano
She is one of the pioneers in the formation of the Id. Method of Image Consulting idealized by Ilana Berenhoc. Graduated in Image Consulting by SENAC and Personal Coloring by Studio Immagine. Specialized in Personal Shopper with Carol Davidson at the Style Works of Union in NYC. Visagism - International Method Visagisme Total Look by Claude Juillard.
Course Coordinator: Prof. Jailson Melo


Students will receive an e-mail handout developed exclusively for the course.

Will be issued a certificate of completion of the course

40 Hour Load
(38 h class and 8 h in activities and exercises)

Next Class, beginning March 12, 2018

The classes will be taught every
Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The classes will be live and delivered in a virtual classroom of great performance, students will have interaction by video, audio and real-time chat with the teacher. One day after each class will be available for 90 days recording the same in a special link to be sent by email.
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Live Online Course Visagism Personal Image Harmonization

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